PayPal: Add Prado Camper Charge Cable to cart PayPal: Add Prado 150 cradle to cart PayPal: Add DBi140R Isolator to cart PayPal: Add Prado 150 Isolator Kit to cart We have completed the designs for most  of our LC150 accessories.  We have taken a new approach to the 12V electrical accessories.  Easy DIY. SIDEWINDER AUSTRALIA Landcruiser Prado LC150 2010 Accessory Wiring Harness  To make wiring as easy as possible we will be making complete ‘Drop-In’ wiring harnesses for the LC150.  1) Dual Battery Harness. 2) Caravan Charge cable. HID Driving Lamps  1) Our popular HID’s will be supplied with the correct harness and switch to suit the     LC150 so fitting will only take a short time and will be an easy DIY fitment. AIR Compressor  The ABR-SIDEWINDER compressor has already proven itself in the field and we will have a mounting kit and wiring harness for the LC150. Warranty  Our aim is to have customers purchase complete fit outs and those that do will receive an extended warranty on the products free of charge. $139.95


Strong corrosion resistant design

Can be used for auxiliary battery or relocation of starting battery

Mounts to existing holes

Quick and easy to fit

Large range of batteries can be fitted - Odyssey, Optima, Exide, Super Charge Allrounder

Maximum battery size 250mm x 175mm x 240mm (LxWxH)

Average Battery Capacity - 60ah 750cca

12V LED Pilot Switches and Buttons Optional Push Button Optional LED lamp $79.95 $195.00 Battery Isolator Kit & Cable Set  Complete with battery cables and DBi-140R isolator.  Full instructions included for 2 battery installation options.  Option 1: New Auxillary Battery to drivers side  Option 2: New Starter Battery to drivers side. BATTERY MONITOR  The ABR-SIDEWINDER dual battery monitor is now available.  Click on pictures for more info. ABR Battery Monitor Instruction Manual PayPal: Add Battery Thermal Cover to cart $15.95 Ea Complete harness ready to fit, supplied with breaker, anderson plug and cover fully illustrated instructions.  All lugs are pre-fitted for an easy DIY.  For passenger side fitment - carpet track. $195.00 Ea Sample Instructions Breakers and Harnesses PayPal: Add ABR DUAL BATTERY MONITOR to cart $79.95 ABR Battery Monitor Optional Voltage Booster Optional Voltage Booster Notes: A brake harness is available on special order for $125.00               Rear Power outlet kit has been discontinued.