Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Camera Wire Kit Sold Out 10M Monitor to tow bar cable (Complete) 1 pair socket mounting brackets Curly coiled cable (Used between car and trailer) 15M Tow Hitch to rear trailer mounted camera cable (Complete) Infra Red waterproof box camera (For Trailer) 15M Universal cable kit (For using our camera on other systems) SIDEWINDER REVERSE CAMERA SYSTEMS Sold Out DVD input cable (Used for connecting DVD or digital camera) Great for viewing photo’s and video.  Plugs into A/V 2 input on monitor. Sold Out PayPal: Add IR Cmos camera sold loose to cart 1/3 Colour cmos camera 9 IR LED’s, 120deg vision 33x30x44mm $79.95 Ea These cameras are fitted with a 4 pin plug they do not fit other systems.