PayPal: Add ABR HID Clear Cover to cart PayPal: Add ABR SIDEWINDER lighting harness to cart Bright White H.I.D. 5000K ABR - SIDEWINDER   HID LIGHTS Pencil Beam                       Wide Beam Free Crystal Clear Polycarbonate  Cover with each lamp Stylish & Tough                                  Solid Metal Adjusting Block 90 Degree Swivel for Roof Mount               Heavy Duty Ratchet Adjust Vertical Mount for Bull Bars                     All Bolts in Stainless Steel Spare Covers Available $24.95 Each Instructions $29.95 Each ABR-SIDEWINDER Harness HID Size Sizes HID Performance Performance Chart ABR 7 inch Lamps only NOW ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK ! WIDE BEAM MY PERSONAL CHOICE PENCIL BEAM FOR LONG STRAIGHT ROADS