PayPal: Add 3 inch 6 LED lamp to cart PayPal: Add 18 inch LED swivel lamp to cart PayPal: Add 18 LED Outdoor Light Stainless to cart LED Lights 12V - 24V  Input - 12 Volt Output (5 Amps Max) High quality filtered converter for audio, video and lighting. All our 12V lights can be operated on 24 Volts using our DC to DC converter. PayPal: Add DC to DC converter to cart $39.95 Ea ABR-SIDEWINDER  12V DC 18 LED’s   5 ½ inch 18 LED Stainless Steel waterproof Outdoor / annex light.  NO SWITCH Page down for our range of LED lamps  New designs just arrived. ABR-SIDEWINDER  12V DC 6 LED’s   3 inch 6 LED courtesy lamp. ABR-SIDEWINDER  12V DC 24 LED’s & 36 LED’s  12 inch and 18 inch adjustable rail / strip lights.  Integrated switch. ·This series of LED lamp features a rotating frame to adjust light direction to where needed.  ·Super bright LED’s. ·Frosted acrylic lens and white powder coated aluminium extruded frame. $29.95ea Stainless 12 inch SOLD OUT 18 inch $49.95ea $15.95ea DC to DC converters